Thinking of having your company name translated? Great idea! We offer comprehensive brand name and product name translation services for companies throughout Australia including in Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth, and Sydney.

Some of the benefits that come from translating your company and product names into another language include:

  1. Greater brand awareness – Your company will be easier to recognise and pronounce by locals.
  2. Greater brand positioning – In certain languages such as Chinese and Japanese, we use certain characters in your brand name to match your briefing. So if you want your brand to sound prestigious, fun, or energetic, we would help you position your company this way from the start.
  3. Choosing your own brand name – In cases where your company name is hard to pronounce and you have entered a market without first translating your brand name, locals may actually translate your name to something they can easily pronounce. As such, you would have no input at all. So it’s best to get it done professionally.


Here at Translation Bound we have a comprehensive branding process where we devote considerable time to finding the perfect brand name you’re after based on:

  • Company name
  • Origin
  • Values and mission
  • Briefing
  • Products
  • Product categories
  • Industry
  • Brand names of competitors both domestically and abroad.
  • Company names available to be registered abroad.

With this information, our team of branding experts provide a minimum of 3 tailored options for you to choose from. Each option has a breakdown of the following:

  • Meaning
  • Pronunciation
  • Explanation of how it will be received by the target market. For example, does your new brand name sound prestigious, fun or professional.


All we need from you is a detailed briefing about your company and your goals for the translation. For example, are you a family business? Do you intend on diversifying your product range down the track? The more detailed information you provide us with, the better your brand name translation will be.


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