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  1. Try to translate the below passage from Chinese into English.
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  3. I will check your translation and give you some valuable feedback.



Note: The above text has been adapted from:

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The most deadlily thing of an aneurysm is that it may have no symptoms until it ruptures and bleeds which is life threatening.
But if an aneurysm can be deteced at early stage ,the cure rate is very high .
According to National Centre for Disease Control and Prevention , for those people who died from aneurysm aged 55 and over ,though only 1% or less are attribued to aorta aneurysm independently , but aneurysm ruptures are fatal .

The fatal point of aneurysm is that symptoms cannot always be seen in a patient until the patient suffers life-threatening internal breeding caused by the aneurysm rupture. Successful treatments are highly probable as the aneurysm can be found before it is too late. Still, according to the latest resources launched by National Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, although the mortality of adult patients aged over 55-year-old is merely under 1%, which is a few isolated cases of aortic aneurysm, most of aneurysm ruptures remain deadly.

One of the most fatal aspects of aneurysm is that there might be no symptoms until the illness becomes life threatening as a result of broken aneurysms which causes internal bleeding. However, if aneurysms are detected at the early stage, the chances of healing are quite high. According to the most recent data released by the National Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, the chance of deaths caused by aortic aneurysm among adults fifty-five years and older is less than one percent. However, most cases of broken aneurysms are fatal.

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