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Chinese to English Translation Training – Addiction

This blog was designed to help improve Chinese to English translation standards in Australia. For professional Chinese translation services from our experienced team of NAATI accredited translators, please click here.

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Want to improve your Chinese to English translation skills?

  1. Try to translate the below passage from Chinese into English.
  2. Post your translation in the “Leave A Comment” section below.
  3. I will check your translation and give you some valuable feedback.



Please see link below for context.

Note: The above text has been adapted from: https://baike.baidu.com/item/手机依赖症

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Mobile Phone Dependency
Mobile phone dependency is a new kind of mental disorder, especially being prevalent among students, young office ladies and middle-aged men who carry heavy workloads. As the soaring popularity of mobile phones in China, more and more mobile phone users found that they cannot live without their mobile devices. What’s worse, people are too attached to their smartphones that they would be absent-minded and restless if they do not check mobile phones constantly.

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