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Accredited Chinese to English Translators and English to Chinese Translators in Melbourne and Sydney.

Do you have an important business or personal document that needs to be translated from Chinese to English or from English to Chinese? If so, it’s important that you use translation services of the highest quality. We provide professional Chinese translation services by NAATI accredited translators in Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth, and Sydney. So wherever you are in Australia, we’ve got you covered for all your Chinese to English and English to Chinese translation needs.

Our team of Melbourne based Chinese to English and English to Chinese translators are all NAATI accredited (National Accreditation Authority of Translators and Interpreters, Australia). This means that our translators have reached a professional proficiency whereby we can certify documents for official purposes as well as translate documents for areas such as business, legal, financial and medical to an industry high standard.

Example of a NAATI Certified Chinese to English Translation

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is “what does a NAATI certified translation look like?”

Below is an example of a pay slip in Chinese that needs to be translated to English and NAATI certified for a home loan application. As banks need to be 100% sure that all information is true and accurate to issue a home loan, the applicant needs a NAATI certified Chinese to English translation.

NAATI Certified Chinese to English Translation

All NAATI certified translations should be electrically or manually stamped and have the original document attached to them. Your completed translation will then be sent to you via email or post.

In the picture you can see the NAATI accredited translator’s stamp, which has their name, practitioner ID, language direction (Chinese to English in this case) and when their accreditation must be renewed. You will also see their signature and the date of translation. If the date of translation is before the required renewal date on the stamp, the translation will be considered valid.

Scanned photocopies of documents that need to be certified by a NAATI accredited Chinese translator such as Chinese driver’s licences and birth certificates will be returned in PDF format. NAATI certified translations are never sent as a Word format, as a translator’s electronic stamp can be copied in this format.

Our NAATI accredited translators have extensive experience and can ensure your documents are translated accurately, fast, and at the best price. What’s more, our team adhere to industry Codes of Ethics which include the principles of Confidentiality, Competency, Accuracy, Professional Development and Professional Conduct, so you know your documents are in safe hands.


Did you know that Chinese has two different scripts? It’s true! Where your target audience is located determines whether your English documents need a Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese translation.

An English to Simplified Chinese translation is needed when your target audience is Mainland China (PRC) or Singapore.

An English to Traditional Chinese translation is needed when your target audience is Taiwan, Hong Kong or Macau.

If you’re still unsure about which type of translation you need, our expert team of NAATI accredited Chinese translators will guide you through the translation process. Also worth noting is that all NAATI accredited Chinese translators are qualified to translate and certify both Simplified and Traditional Chinese.


Good question! Whether it’s a Chinese to English or English to Chinese translation, the time it takes to complete a translation generally depends on the word count, subject matter and format of the document you need translated. For example, a PDF business proposal that requires translation and typesetting will take longer than a business proposal just in Word format.

As a guide, however, for most jobs our clients receive their translated documents within 2-3 days via soft copy. We can also send hard copies of our translations to our clients upon request. We’ve also put in a deadline section for you in our quick quote form so your urgent jobs are handled promptly.

Business Translations

Business Translations

Whether it’s a small flyer or a comprehensive business proposal, the value of translating your business documents for your target audience cannot be underestimated.

Legal Translations

Legal Translations

Don’t be found in possession of a poor-quality legal translation! Come see why we’re the best in the business.

Medical Translations

Medical Translations

Have you been diagnosed with a poor translation? We’ve lost track of the number of medical translations we have had to dissect and fix. Get it right the first time with Translation Bound.

Migration Translations

Migration Translations

Do you have migration documents you need translated into or from English? Don’t risk having your application delayed, or even worse: denied. We can help.

How much do Chinese translations cost?

To ensure our clients receive the best prices, we take into consideration the content, word count, language direction, and deadline when providing quotes.

Submit your documents for a free custom quote today.

Our Lead NAATI Accredited Chinese Translator in Melbourne

Jared Kirkwood

NAATI Accredited Chinese to English Translator in Melbourne

Jared is our lead NAATI Accredited Chinese translator here at Translation Bound Melbourne. He is a native English speaker and grew up in Melbourne, where he obtained NAATI accreditation in Chinese into English translation at RMIT University. He has successfully transitioned from the old NAATI accreditation system to become a Certified Chinese to English Translator.

Jared has been providing professional translation services throughout Australia, making sure our clients receive translation services of the highest quality. He particularly enjoys providing legal and medical translation services and has lost count of the number of affidavits, contracts and MoU’s he has translated and NAATI certified here in Melbourne.

Qualifications, Education and Achievements:

NAATI Accredited Chinese to English Translator (National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters)

Master of Chinese to English Translation (RMIT University Melbourne)

Bachelor of Business and Commerce (Marketing and International Business)

Awarded Top Graduating Student in the International Business Major

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Having studied both translation and business at university, Jared fully understands the content he translates from Chinese into English for areas such as law, migration, business and finance.

What’s the best thing about being a NAATI accredited Chinese to English translator?

“What I enjoy most about being a Chinese to English translator is being able to help clients that have tight deadlines who rely on me. My clients place their trust in my services and are happy when I deliver the translation on time and to the highest standard. I understand that clients don’t necessarily know who to trust when it comes to translation services, so when a client places their trust in me, I don’t disappoint.”

Testimonials – Chinese Translation Services
Robin Yang
Ashton Legal - NAATI Certified Chinese to English Translation

Our appreciation for processing the urgent translation, the client has now received her visa.

Hugo Liang
Maxim Legal - NAATI Certified Chinese to English Translation

If a translation does not deliver the meaning, your clients’ cases will be lost in translation. Translation Bound always gets my clients’ translation jobs done fast and accurately.

Chinese Translation Review
Isabella Zhang - Apartment Lease Contract
NAATI Certified Chinese to English Translation

Thank you very much for helping me translate the Chinese apartment lease contract so quickly!!!

Chinese Translation Review
Anthony Mansfield - Letter
NAATI Certified Chinese to English Translation
Brighton, Qld

When times get tough the tough get going, keep up the good work!

Chinese Translation Review
J. Guest - Personal Statement
NAATI Certified Chinese to English Translation
Migration Agent, WA

Thank you Jared. You provide an excellent service.

Chinese Translation Review
ZHOU Jiani - Driver's Licence Translation
NAATI Certified Chinese to English Translation
Individual, Melbourne

Thanks so much for the NAATI Chinese driver’s licence translation. Looks great!

Chinese Translation Review
Y. Yuen - Chinese Bank Statement Translation
NAATI Certified Chinese to English Translation
Individual, Melbourne

Thanks! Appreciate the super fast turnaround.

Chinese Translation Review
S. Singh
DLA Piper - NAATI Certified Chinese to English Translation

Thank you so much for this. You’re a life saver!!

Chinese Translation Review
S. Kim
NAATI Certified English to Chinese Translation

Thank you for the good work appreciate it.

AOU Education
Sandy - Chinese Bachelor Degree Certificate Translation
NAATI Chinese to English Translation Melbourne
AOU Education Migration, Melbourne

Thanks for translating the Chinese Degree Certificates so fast!

Chinese Translation Review
C. Geddes - Urgent Chinese to English Legal Translation
NAATI Certified Chinese to English Translation Services
Individual, Melbourne

Thanks again for all your assistance – it is greatly appreciated.

Chinese Translation Review
M. Taylor - English to Chinese Translation Melbourne
English to Chinese Translation Services
Individual, Melbourne

Thanks for picking up that error in the English version and your version is therefore correct.

Chinese Translation Review
Anna C. - Urgent Chinese Legal Translation
NAATI Translation Services Melbourne
AB & Associates Pty Limited

Thanks again for all your assistance – it is greatly appreciated.