Learn Chinese using Mnemonics! 石棉 (asbestos)

New Mnemonic Technique!

Tricky words like asbestos can sometimes be hard to remember. You may think to yourself ‘I’ll never need to use this word’, and as such, you will probably forget it quite fast.

However, this mnemonic technique will make sure you don’t forget!

The Pinyin for asbestos is shi2mian2, which is similar to the Pinyin for the word insomnia (sh1mian2).

The word insomnia was covered in a previous post.

Now all that is left to do is create a simple link between a word we know: insomnia, and our new word: asbestos.

Visualise your bedroom with a big hole in the wall that is full of asbestos. Imagine being worried that you may develop lung disease as a result of this exposure. Trying to sleep under such conditions would surely lead to insomnia!

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