Weekly Tips for Remembering Chinese Words

Need help learning Chinese?

My name is Jared Kirkwood and I am a professional translator/interpreter of Chinese from Australia. Chinese is my second language.

This blog has been created for you. As the title suggests, is all about tips to help you remember Chinese words.

New words are updated each Wednesday!!!


各自ge4 zi4 each

Link with pigeon (ge1 zi5) 鸽子各自持有不同意见   the pigeons (each) held different views.

合理 he2 li3 rational; reasonable; equitable:

Link pinyin he2 li3 with a helicoptor for $23. Selling a helicopter for $23 is not rational/reasonable.

失眠 shi1 mian2 to have insomnia; have trouble sleeping

Link with the Pinyin for insomnia is ‘shi1mian2′. The English word insomnia nearly has the complete Pinyin of ‘shi1mian2’

设立 she4 li4 to establish

Link with the pinyin of this word is ‘she4li4, which can actually be found in the word establish.

条约 tiao2 yue1 treaty

Link with the pinyin of this word is tiao2 yue1, so I just picture the first letter of the pinyin sound “ty“, which creates a link to treaty.

疲劳 pi2 lao2 to be fatigued; to be weary

The pinyin of this word is ‘pi2 lao2’, which sounds like ‘pillow’. Simply imagine yourself feeling fatigued or weary and wanting to rest your head on a pillow.

节奏 jie2 zou4 rhythm

Jay-Z is a popular rapper who has a great sense of rhythm (节奏感). I simply remember that J and Z are the first letters of the pinyin for Jie2 Zou4.

吵 chao3) noisy

As you surely know,  most things that are described as chaotic are usually quite noisy.

I simply use the word chaotic to remember this Chinese word. Chaotic has the Pinyin for chao3 in it, and things that are chaotic are noisy.


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