“We Need It ASAP” – Just another Urgent Chinese to English Legal Translation in Melbourne Signed, Sealed and Delivered (in person).

The team at Translation Bound Melbourne received an email late Sunday from an Accredited Family Law Specialist in urgent need of 24/7 translation services in Melbourne. Our client needed to have two large legal documents NAATI certified by a NAATI accredited Chinese to English translator by Monday 5pm which were to be used as evidence in a Melbourne court of law. If our client did not receive this Chinese to English translation on time, it would have greatly affected their chances of success in court. An affidavit also needed to be signed for this particular translation.

Within 15 minutes of receiving the urgent translation request we had already provided a quote to our client and assured them that we would have their legal translations for them ready by 5pm the next day. Our client was a bit unsure whether we could deliver on time, but we reassured her that as NAATI accredited translators we can only take on translation jobs that we have competency for and are never allowed to mislead clients, setting expectations right from the start.

On Monday, we pushed back other translation work to complete the urgent translation task. We kept our client informed of the progress of the NAATI legal translation and helped put her mind at ease throughout the day. At around 4pm that day when we were wrapping up the translation, we printed off the documents, stamped them with our NAATI certified translator stamp, and met the client just outside Melbourne Central station to hand over the legal translation and sign the affidavit.

Our client was over the moon and relieved that we had come through for her when it mattered most. We were also very proud as we had helped our client meet their deadline, delivering on our promise. Our client later sent us a follow up email stating “thanks again for all your assistance – it is greatly appreciated”, which really did make our day.

This Chinese to English legal translation is just one of many examples of how we have helped many legal clients in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. If you ever find yourself in a similar translation, needing a professional Chinese to English translation certified urgently by a NAATI accredited Chinese translator, you know what to do…

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