NAATI Legal Translations – What should I expect from a NAATI certified legal translation?

NAATI certified translations are translated very differently from business translations. With business translations, we aim to get your message perfect and can make any updates necessary (such as changing a phrase to make it sound better in a foreign language) to ensure your message is delivered to your audience exactly how you want.

However, for legal translations, our goal is not to help translate a text so it makes your argument appear stronger or add, distort or omit any information. With legal translations, our goal as NAATI certified translators is to ensure the translation is accurate and faithful to the original document, so that courts can make a decision using the translated document as if it was the original.

A great example is if we were to come across a typo in the original text. In this case, we would have to make a translator\’s note on the document, so that the judge could see that a typo was made, thus reflecting the original document.

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