What Does A NAATI Certified Legal Translation Look Like?

One of the most frequent questions we get asked at Translation Bound is \”what do NAATI certified legal translations look like?

In the above picture, we can see the source document is on the left and the translation is on the right. We can also see that the English version translated from Chinese by a NAATI certified Chinese to English translator has mirrored the original document as best as possible, however, it isn\’t always necessary to match the formatting of the original document.

We can also see that the translator has made a declaration that the document has been translated to the best of their ability and they have attached their stamp as well as signed and dated the translation.

It is also worth noting that for legal translations a more literal translation approach is usually taken as the translator is certifying that the meaning is 100% accurate, and therefore is unlikely to make any assumptions regarding important information which may affect a case.

That\’s really all their is too it, however, if you have any questions about legal translation services feel free to contact us today.

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