What is NAATI? Who are NAATI Certified Translators?

What is NAATI? Who are NAATI Certified Translators?

NAATI, often misspelled as NATTI and NATI, stands for the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters.\"\"

They are the organisation responsible for setting, maintaining and promoting high professional standards and they issue accreditation to practitioners who wish to work as translators and interpreters in Australia (after they have passed a NAATI exam).

According to the NAATI website, NAATI accreditation is “an acknowledgement that an individual has demonstrated the ability to meet the professional standards required by the translation and interpreting industry in Australia.” Once you have been accredited, you are usually referred to as a NAATI Certified Translator.

Every single translator at Translation Bound is NAATI accredited and is committed to maintaining their high standards. We provide NAATI accredited translators in all languages, including Chinese, German, Italian, and Russian.

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