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Beyond Words: Entertainment & Media Case Study

March 25, 2024
Beyond Words: Entertainment & Media Case Study
Video Script Transcreation into Three Languages

A prominent video production company, renowned for its work with high-profile clients and brands, faced a unique challenge. They required urgent translation and transcreation of a script into Indonesian, Thai, and Simplified Chinese. The script was for a vibrant and engaging video production, necessitating not just a simple translation but a creative adaptation to maintain the script’s fun and appealing tone in different cultural contexts.

Translation Bound’s goal was to provide transcreation services that went beyond translation. It was essential to capture the script’s essence, humour, and appeal, ensuring that it resonated with audiences in Indonesia, Thailand, and China. The task demanded a blend of linguistic proficiency and creative flair to adapt the script in a way that was culturally relevant and engaging for each target audience.

Our team of skilled translators that tackled this challenge were native speakers of Indonesian, Thai, and Simplified Chinese. This team worked closely to understand the nuances of the original script, ensuring the translations were not only accurate but also carried the same fun and lively tone. Our transcreation process involved deep cultural insights and creative adaptation, keeping the core message intact while making it relatable and enjoyable for each specific audience. We also conducted several rounds of reviews and refinements to ensure the highest quality and alignment with the client’s vision.

The Result

The transcreated scripts in Indonesian, Thai, and Simplified Chinese were delivered within the urgent timeframe, much to the delight of the video production company. We received great feedback on how we managed to capture the fun and engaging essence of the original script in each language, making their video content appealing and relatable across diverse cultural contexts. Our success in this project led to an ongoing partnership with the company, as they continued to rely on our expert services for their multilingual and creative needs. This project not only highlighted our expertise in transcreation but also reinforced our reputation as a versatile and reliable language service provider capable of handling complex and creative tasks.

Written by Jared Kirkwood
Chinese Translator at Translation Bound
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