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Enabling Global Connectivity: Marketing & Advertising Case Study

March 25, 2024
Enabling Global Connectivity: Marketing & Advertising Case Study
Translating Multiple product labels into 20 languages

A leading skincare and beauty company in Australia faced a substantial challenge. They needed multiple product labels translated into 20 different languages urgently. This task was critical for their global marketing strategy, as it would enable them to hit an important deadline and reach their diverse customer base effectively. The complexity of translating intricate skincare information into various languages within a tight timeframe highlighted the significance of this project.

Our goal was to deliver accurate, culturally-sensitive translations of these product labels into 20 languages. The task demanded not only linguistic expertise but also an understanding of the skincare and beauty industry’s nuances. Moreover, organising the translations in an easily accessible format was key to ensuring the client could utilise them efficiently in their global marketing efforts.

To tackle this challenge, we mobilised a team of experienced translators specialising in skincare and beauty terminology. Each translator was carefully selected based on their expertise in the target language and understanding of the beauty industry. We coordinated meticulously to ensure consistency and accuracy across all languages. Recognising the need for efficient organisation, we compiled all translations into a well-structured Excel file, providing a clear, easy-to-use reference for our client. Our project management team worked around the clock, ensuring seamless communication and coordination across different time zones and language teams.

The Result

Our dedication and expertise culminated in the on-time delivery of all translated product labels. The translations were not only accurate but also culturally tailored, ensuring they resonated with each target market. The Excel file was praised for its clarity and ease of use, significantly simplifying the client’s process of integrating these translations into their product packaging and marketing materials. The client was ecstatic with the outcome, lauding our ability to smoothly coordinate such a complex project. The end result demonstrates our capacity to handle large-scale, high-pressure projects with exceptional skill and efficiency.

Written by Jared Kirkwood
Chinese Translator at Translation Bound
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