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Reeling in Success: Government & Brandling Collateral Case Study

March 25, 2024
Reeling in Success: Government & Brandling Collateral Case Study
Translating a User Guide into Five Language

A government department in Australia was tasked with promoting responsible fishing practices among diverse communities. To effectively reach Chinese and Vietnamese-speaking populations, they required urgent translation and typesetting of an English flyer on responsible fishing. The challenge was to provide accurate translations while ensuring that the typeset versions were of high quality and suitable for immediate printing.

Our objective was to translate the flyer into Chinese and Vietnamese, two languages with distinct linguistic and typographic complexities. Additionally, we needed to typeset the translated content in a way that matched the professional quality of the original English flyer. This task required precision in both translation and graphic design to maintain the flyer’s informative and engaging nature.

Our team of expert translators and skilled typesetters were the perfect fit for this challenge. Our translators, proficient in Chinese and Vietnamese, worked diligently to ensure that the nuances of responsible fishing practices were accurately conveyed. Meanwhile, our typesetting team collaborated closely with the translators to replicate the flyer’s original design and layout in the target languages. This collaborative effort was crucial for maintaining the visual appeal and readability of the flyer. Throughout the process, we maintained a rigorous quality control protocol. Our translators reviewed the final typeset versions to confirm that they were not only linguistically accurate but also of print-ready quality.

The Result

The translated and typeset flyers were delivered within the urgent timeframe required by the client. The final products were commended for their high quality, both in terms of translation accuracy and visual presentation. The client was particularly impressed with our ability to manage such a complex task under tight deadlines. The success of this project led to ongoing collaboration with the government department, as they continue to rely on our services for their translation and typesetting needs.

Written by Jared Kirkwood
Chinese Translator at Translation Bound
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