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Striding Ahead: Retail & Advertising Case Study

March 25, 2024
Striding Ahead: Retail & Advertising Case Study
Translating a User Guide into Five Languages

A prominent footwear retail company in Australia encountered a significant hurdle in their expansion efforts. They required an urgent translation of a comprehensive user guide, over 2,000 words in length, into five key languages: French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Arabic. This user guide was crucial for engaging and informing their international customers, making the translation project not only a linguistic challenge but also a pivotal part of their global outreach strategy.

Our mission was to provide accurate, culturally-relevant translations of the user guide into the five specified languages. This task demanded a high level of linguistic proficiency and an in-depth understanding of the footwear industry’s specific terminologies and customer engagement strategies. Furthermore, flawless formatting across all versions was essential to maintain the guide’s usability and professional appearance.

To meet this challenge, we mobilised our team of native-speaking translators. Each translator is an expert in one of the required languages while also possessing a background in retail and consumer goods. Their experience ensured that each translation would be linguistically accurate and resonate with the target audience culturally. Our team worked closely with the client to understand their brand voice and the guide’s specific formatting requirements. Through a streamlined workflow and rigorous quality control processes, we ensured that each translation was not only precise but also perfectly formatted, mirroring the original English version’s layout and design.

The Result

Our client was immensely impressed with the translations’ quality and the attention to detail in formatting. The translated user guides served their purpose and contributed to a greater user experience. The successful completion of this project under urgent circumstances solidified our client’s trust in our services. They have been continually engaging our translation services for their subsequent projects, citing our ability to deliver high-quality, accurate translations with exceptional attention to detail in formatting as the key reasons for their continued partnership.

Written by Jared Kirkwood
Chinese Translator at Translation Bound
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